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Trying out Android

My work as a software developer has me writing apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Whereas I can buy an iPhone and keep the same device for 3-4+ years and still be able to install the latest version of iOS, until recently this hasn't been the same for Android. As such I've got a draw littered with Android devices of varying vintages.

The last Android phone my company purchased was a Samsung S10. This however maxes out at Android 12. More and more devices are now coming with Android 13 installed, and 14 is just around the corner. So it was time to purchase what feels like yet another Android phone. This time I've gone for a Google Pixel 6a from eBay, which should be supported with major versions of Android until at least 2025, and be able to install betas.

Around the Nexus 4 I had a year as a fulltime Android user. However since then I've only used Android phones for testing, and not really kept up with how they've advanced for using as a day-to-day device. I'm planning on spending a little more time actually using the Pixel 6a, and will try making it my daily driver for at least the next week. I've installed a bunch of apps that will be necessary for my day, and once I get a case delivered will swap the SIM card from the iPhone 12 mini it usually sits in.

I'll report back later next week with how this has all gone, and what about the iPhone I'm missing and what I've enjoyed about the 6a.

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