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A week with the Pixel 6a

I've been using the Pixel 6a, relegating the iPhone 12 mini to the drawer of devices, for a week now. I think it's a great phone, and I have only missed the iPhone a bit.

What I liked:

What's not been as good:

The big surprise for me is not missing the Apple Watch at all. I'm used to wearing a watch, so I bought a Casio W-800H, which is comfortable, great value and tells the time well. I don't think a watch needs to be smart to be useful.

I will probably continue using the Pixel 6a as my daily carry for a bit longer. I will then switch back and forth between the iPhone and Android. As a developer who writes apps for both, it will be good for me to be more immersed in both operating systems daily. I will be off for a holiday in Disney World in May, and the iPhone 12 mini batter just won't cut it - so it will be left at home this year.

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